Intermediate Land Navigation


This course is designed to bring the basic or rusty student to the next level of navigation. Bringing the use of compass and map together in a simple and comprehensive manner.

Upon completion of this level the student will be able to orient the map, plot points, plot routes, triangulate your position, and figure out where you are and where you want to go.

The student upon completion of the academic portion will be put through field exercises to build skill, understanding and confidence in one's skills and be confident to navigate successfully over 5 KM of any terrain during the day.

Cost: $90 per person - 6 student minimum, 24 maximum

Prerequisites: Prior competence with compass, determined by head instructor

Equipment: Map or lensatic compass - Ruler - 5 colored pencils (Red, Green, Brown, Blue, your choice)

Maps and map gridders will be provided.

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