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Basic and Intermediate classes are held as a package only for the one price.


Basic and Advanced; Cold weather, Desert and Water
Complete 2-7 day programs available, contact Paul Marsters for full details.

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Pre Registration Fee, Service and Cancellation Policies:

Individuals – When registering for classes given or hosted by SARTAC – Print and send in completed registration form along with the full tuition or non refundable deposit as stated in course announcement. You may call in and put your name on the class list when paying with a check or postal money order. In the event that the pre registration fee has not been received within 10 business days form the date your name was placed on the list, your slot will be lost and given to someone with whom payment has been received from the waiting list if applicable.

Since not all classes will obtain minimum student numbers, all checks, postal money orders for balance of tuition will be held until minimum class size is obtained.

Groups – When registering a group of people through a public, private, municipal agency for a class from SARTAC please call first to ensure space is available for the number of students you need slots for. At that time arrangements can be made for payment through a purchase order or a check. If a purchase order is used, a written agreement between the attending agency and SARTAC will be signed. The number of slots in a class can be modified anytime prior to 15 workdays prior to class start. Changes requested less than 15 workdays before class start are subject to penalty according to the agreement signed when reservation was made.

The pre registration fee is not required when a public or municipal agency has set up a purchase order or payment plan with SARTAC at the time the student was enrolled.

When using money orders or purchase orders, full tuition will be due on first day of class.

Check Return Fee Policy – All returned checks for any reason from the bank to SARTAC will be charged $25.00

Refusal Of Service – Any staff instructor of SARTAC or hosted agency may refuse training (service) to anyone if he or she feels participation in the course would present a safety- physical or financial risk to anyone.

Cancellations – If SARTAC or any hosted agency cancels a class for any reason, a full refund of all class tuition or pre registration fee’s will be made within 20 workdays of the cancellation of class.

Group Slots Cancellation – Agencies are required to fill slots or cancel at least 10 working days prior to course start. Any group with multiple slots who failed to cancel more than 10 days prior to the first day of the course will be held responsible for any change fee incurred from the instructor’s travel expenses or airline tickets and a fee of 10% of the total tuition cost. Individual student cancellations more than 10 workdays prior to course start – a full refund will be made unless otherwise specifically stated in course announcement. In the event of cancellation less than 10 days prior to course start a minimum $50.00 processing fee will be kept from pre registration fee unless specifically stated in course announcement.

Any agency or individual enrollee who fails to cancel PRIOR to the first day of class forfeits the entire pre registration fee.

All courses accepted by NEWSAR, NYS Federation of SAR, Civil Air Patrol and can be adapted to individual or agency mission specific requirements.

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