Basic Land Navigation


This course is formatted to introduce the beginner or novice to the most basic navigation tool. Proper compass use in navigaion is a perishing skill. This course will reorient the student to the two most important tools you take into the wilderness. Your brain and your compass.

The course will systematically take the student through the care and use of both the direct and indirect reading compasses. Lensatic, Military and Map compass. True and magnetic North will be discussed along with measuring distance on foot.

Upon successful compleation of this course the student will have an operational knowledge of both types of compasses and high degree of confidence in one's equipment. Student will have the tools to progress to the Intermediate and Advanced levels.

Cost: $90 per person

Prerequisites: NONE

Equipment: Notepad/pencil - Map compass

Map compasses may be purchased at class - Silva/Suunto model

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