Advanced Land Navigation


This course is the culmination of the land navigaion world. Once the student of this level successfully graduates this course they will be able to handle whatever navigaion issue presents itself.

Topics that will be covered and reinforced with field exercise are, but not limited to; Night/low visibility navigation, Long range Navigation, GPS use in navigation, and Altimeter use as a navigation tool.

The course will provide a brief review of Basic/Intermediate navigaion to ensure all are on the same map as it were and to ensure that all skills acquired up to this level will be sharp as it will take all of them to complete this level.

This will be a challenging full day and will enhance your skills, knowledge, and confidence.

Pratice is the very best way not to lose this level of skill.

Cost: $85 per person - 6 student minimum, 24 maximum

Prerequisites: Intermediate Land navigation given by this school

Equipment: Same as Intermediate navigation - GPS (any Garmin recommended)

Bring a lunch and day pack, remember to dress for the weather

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